Some of my favorite musician friends:

Elizabeth Alexander – a friend through the UU Musicians Network, and one of the finest composers around. Some of her works rank among my choir’s favorites, and I shamelessly steal from her wrirting all the time (and her new website design, too!).

Connye Florance – one of best jazz vocalists I’ve ever heard, and a good friend, too. She’s featured on my new CD, as is her husband/accompanist, Kevin Madill. She also co-wrote We Can’t Wait ‘Til the Storm Is Over.

Clif Hardin – Clif is a composer, conductor and pianist living in the Washington, DC area, and a dear friend. Along with his freelance work in theater, he has served as Director of Music at River Road Unitarian Universalist Congregation since 1983, where many of his arrangements and compositions were first performed. Clif has lots of great high-energy works that are among my choir’s favorite pieces.

Nick Page – a versatile composer who brings lots of energy and various world music traditions to his writing. Nick’s books on teaching children to sing are invaluable resources, and he has been a major force in combating the false premise that singing should be reserved for only the most talented among us. His work in helping each person let their own light shine is a real gift to the world.

Jim Scott – a good friend and an absolutely brilliant guitar player and composer. I used to listen to a recrding of Jim singing Common Ground with the Paul Winter Consort almost every morning when I was in college. A few years back we collaborated in performing Winter’s Missa Gaia (recently published, by the way), one of the musical highlights of my life. Check out his Earth and Spirit Songbook (and not just because one of my songs is in it…)

Organizations I’m happy to be associated with:

First Unitarian Universalist Church of Nashville – my home congregation, and the major inspiration for my writing. If you’re ever in Nashville, come see us some Sunday morning.

Unitarian Universalist Association – our denominational home on the web. Lots of great resources, plus a great way to keep up with the scoop on our churches around the world.

Unitarian Universalist Musicians Network – the UUMN is the professional organization for UU church music folks. Dedicated to bringing musical diversity to our congregations which reflects the breadth and depth of our theological influences. And just a great bunch of folks!

Vox Humana – Nashville’s newest choral ensemble, a 24-voice professional mixed choir dedicated to the excellent performance of contemporary music as well as traditional Western repertoire. Directed by composer and conductor Dr. David N. Childs, this new ensemble promises to promote choral music in the state of Tennessee, and to foster the development of young choral musicians through training, summer workshops, and mentoring opportunities. I sing baritone in this group, and our inaugural concert in June 2010 was one of the finest musical experiences of my life.

Yelton Rhodes Music – Founded in 1995, Yelton Rhodes Music is dedicated to publishing new choral music by composers and arrangers who have a gift for lyricism, taking chances, and speaking to the heart and soul. Their catalog contains a refreshingly open point of view with respect to religion, sexuality, entertainment, gender, history, death, life, love and society.